The School Wouldn’t Punish This 4th Grade Bully. So His Own Father Did, And It’s Awesome.

Jose Lagares discovered that his son in 4th grade was a terrible bully. He knew he had issues tormenting other children at school, but he didn’t realize just how bad the bullying had become. He tried to discipline him in normal ways, but the lessons didn’t stick. That’s when he decided to get a little creative.

Jose Lagares made his son, a school bully, hold up a sign by the side of the road confessing his sins.


He wanted to teach his son a lesson about what bullying does to kids. He didn’t respond to being grounded or assigned chores, so Jose thought he would try something a little different.


Other parents weren’t happy about what Jose did, but he stands by his actions. He wanted to stop bullying and show his son the humiliation he made others feel.


He didn’t want anyone else facing pain because of his son’s actions… and we think he succeeded.


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