Their 67 Year Marriage Ends When They Hold Hands And The Unthinkable Happens

Floyd and Violet Hartwig both grew up in Easton, California and had known each other since grammar school. Floyd, a graduating senior, was enlisting in the U.S. Navy while Violet had just completed the 8th grade. Little did they know that years later they would live a life defined by an unwavering love for and dedication to one another, and ultimately, by a deep, handheld connection.

As their daughter Donna delves into the details of these devoted lovebirds, it becomes more and more apparent that Floyd and Violet were always meant to be together. From the moment they reunited at the Rainbow Ballroom while Floyd was on leave, to their frequent correspondence when he left again for the service, nothing was going to keep them apart.

Over the course of their 67-year marriage they were always hard-working. That hard work was as apparent in the way they raised their children on their ranch in Easton as it was in their steadfast relationship. As they grew older, however, no amount of hard work would slow down the natural progression of life. Violet’s health was declining rapidly, and shocking news of Floyd’s kidney failure sent their family in an emotional tailspin.

Floyd and Violet knew their final time on this earth was drawing near, but even in their last hours they still refused to give up on each other. At home, side-by-side, Violet and Floyd held hands as they passed away mere hours from each other. This was they way they wanted it, this was the way it had to happen. From the moment he got off that boat they were connected by something powerful, and now it’s certain that they’ll never be disconnected again.

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