Their Old Dog Was Stolen, But When Strangers Said THIS On Facebook, My Jaw Dropped

This past weekend, a blind, senior dog was stolen from her own yard — but it’s how her owners found her that serves as a lesson for every dog owner.

Virginia couple Deborah and Charlie Barnes say their 10-year-old English bulldog Penny was dognapped from their front yard. Charlie thinks that when the thieves realized Penny was blind and spayed, they dumped her.

The panicked couple began posting on social media pages, like “Search for Sassy.”  Within hours, more than 100,000 people had shared the story on Facebook. People from around the world were offering advice and alerting their friends in nearby towns to keep an eye out for lost Penny.

Ultimately, a couple whom the Barnes had never met saw the Facebook posts, then went out and found Penny in the middle of a parking lot at Penny’s paws were injured from three days of homelessness. She was helpless, covered in mud, and so terrified that she didn’t even recognize her owners — that was, until Charlie sang their special song.

Thanks to all the good Samaritans who helped this story go viral, Penny is back home, safe and sound.

This story is truly about people helping people; in times of trouble, humans can indeed be wonderful toward one another. “We are wrong about people, people are basically good,” Charlie said.

In this day and age of social media, Deborah and Charlie say that dog owners should have pictures of their pets on-hand. Should they need to quickly post them online, it’s important to know how and where to do so.

10-year-old Penny was recently dognapped from her front yard. Her parents thinks that when the thieves realized Penny was old, blind and spayed, they dumped her. For three days, Penny was homeless and terrified.


Penny’s parents, Deborah and Charlie, began posting about Penny on social media sites, i.e. Facebook groups for stolen pets. Penny quickly went viral, and soon people from all over the country were chipping in to help.


Ultimately, a couple whom Deborah and Charlie had never met were able to track down and rescue Penny. The pup was so scared, she didn’t even recognize Charlie at first. But when Charlie sang her their “special song,” Penny knew she was reunited with her family.


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