These Gymnasts Walk Out. When They Start Their Routine I Almost Spit My Water Out!

Strong women are ones who can carry themselves well and these three Russian gymnasts are taking that phrase literal! In a matter of seconds, this ordinary gymnastics routine turns into a mind blowing circus show that’ll make you wonder if these young, talented ladies are even human!

These three incredible women are on Russia’s Acrobatic Gymnastics team. Prior to watching this video I had never heard of acrobatic gymnastics, but after watching this performance I was stunned!

This amazing routine combined gymnastics, acrobatics and dance. This style of gymnastics makes rhythmic gymnastics look like a thing of the past. These three women ended up taking home first place in the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships and it’s not hard to see why.

From standing on one another nearly 15 feet in the air, to tossing one another with absolute grace, their skills are nothing like I’ve ever seen before! The strength, balance, coordination and skill that must take is beyond me!

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