These Two Drunk Irish Dudes Attempt To Move A Sofa Down The Street – I Can’t Even…!

We’ve all been there. A friend or relative is moving and you’re at a loose end that day. You decide to be nice and offer to help them move. Hey, it’s only a few hours out of your day, it’s the nice thing to do and you never know… They may return the favor one day, eh?

You pitch up and it turns out they’ve not really started. Or organized a van or anything. Damn – this is gonna be a looooong day! But you work it out. Because you’re sensible, right? Right. What you’re not is a drunk Irishman. But the two guys in this clip here – that’s EXACTLY what they are. And they take moving a sofa down the street to new levels offail.

This is just too funny. They couldn’t have made a worse attempt at this. And we just thank the internet gods that there was somewhere there to film it all and load it up onto YouTube!

God bless ’em! Here’s how not to move a sofa…


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