They Couldn’t Tell Their Triplets Apart, So They Did THIS. I Love it.

Karen Gilbert was astounded when an ultrasound showed that she was pregnant with triplets. She was told that they were conceived naturally from a single egg, with odds of 1 in 200 million!


In the beginning, doctors recommended that Karen consider having an abortion, since the babies shared a placenta. The danger was the possibility of twin-to-twin syndrome, which can be fatal. They decided to continue the pregnancy regardless.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Collect of Karen Gilberts pregnancy scan) - A delighted couple have defied the odds with the birth of tridentical triplets. Ffion, Maddison and Paige were delivered two months early by emergency c-section on 2 August. Mum Karen Gilbert, 32, thought she had a stomach ache but before she knew it the three tiny girls were on their way. Weighing 3.8lbs, 3.5lbs and 3.4lbs, the extraordinary babies are small enough to hold in one hand. They were in intensive care for six weeks before finally being allowed back to the family home in Pontypool. SEE CATERS COPY

Despite all the odds, Ffion, Maddison and Paige were born in 2013. They were identical triplets.


The parents quickly realized how much the triplets all looked alike and couldn’t tell them apart. It was a struggle to keep track of baths, feedings and diaper changes.


Karen and Ian came up with the idea to paint their big toes with a different colored nail polish so that they could tell them apart. The colors were chosen by the first letter of each baby’s name: fuschia for Ffion, mint green for Maddison and purple for Paige.


Karen says that the color-coded toes vastly improved the way the family went about everyday life. Their older daughter, Faye, loved taking part in the paint job.


Now that the triplets are older, they’ve began to wear sneakers in their designated colors, to make it easier when their toes aren’t visible. Mom and Dad say that they don’t get them mixed up that much anymore.


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