They Place A Newborn Puppy In A Box With A Mama Cat And Her Kittens. And Then? Wow…

Having just bathed a newborn puppy, a human caretaker was drying the little one off and decided to introduce the pup to a new cat mother. After the cat showed interest, the woman set the puppy in a box with the cat and her litter — that’s when the most adorable thing ever happened. After the cat sniffed the puppy and began licking him, she rolled over and snuggled him in with her kittens.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this, either. New mother cats have a history of taking on rejected or motherless baby animals of any imaginable variety. One new mother adopted a litter of husky puppies; another saved an abandoned baby pit bull, becoming the dog’s surrogate mama; and perhaps most astonishing of all, a cat adopted and nursed thre ducklings after they lost their mother. So strong was her mother’s intuition that when the ducklings started to wander off to find more adequate food, she quickly began to corral them back to herself and snuggle them in with her kittens. Surely this proves that maternal instincts extend to the animal kingdom, as well.

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