They Seem Like A Normal Family With Problems Until The Mother Was Found Dead And This Posted On Facebook!

Meet Gypsy Rose Blancharde, a young girl that was bound to a wheelchair. She fought through leukemia, muscular dystrophy, seizures, hair loss, teeth loss, and even lost her home during Hurricane Katrina1

With the help from many charities like Make A Wish and Habitat For Humanity, they were able to get a new home in Missouri that was wheelchair accessible. Although she had gone through so many hard times Gypsy was given a lot of luxuries and experiences that most would only dream of.


Then on June 14th, 2015 her mother Dee Dee Blancharde was found stabbed to death in her bedroom and Gypsy could not be found anywhere! There was a  status update on the shared Facebook page saying: “That Bitch is dead!”


But it didn’t stop there! Friends and family surely thought that the page had been hacked or something of that nature. Then this update came: “I fucken SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER… HER SCREAM WAS SOOO FUCKEN LOUD LOL”

When family members could not contact them they had police enter their home to find Dee Dee dead and Gypsy was gone. This sparked a nationwide search to find the missing girl.

They found Gyspy just a few days later totally unharmed in Wisconsin. The weird thing was that she was not in a wheelchair like she should be. She acted as though she had no illness at all!


That is when investigators found out that she suffered from a severe case of “Munchausen by Proxy” Syndrome. Her mother forced her to take seizure medicine until her teeth fell out and kept her head shaven to appear as though she was going through cancer treatments. Then confined her daughter who could walk perfectly to a life in a wheelchair!


It turns out that her mother Dee Dee did all of that so she could steal money from kind people and charity organizations.


When Gypsy found Nicholas Godejohn of a Christian singles website she lost it. Afer playing sick for years she was ready to live life the way she wanted. When Dee Dee found out she refused to allow her daughter to see Nicholas or to even leave her side as this would ruin her grand scam.

Gypsy and Nicholas spent years plotting on how they would kill her mother. She even created fake Facebook accounts so that she could communicate with him in secret. It didn’t take much convincing to get her new boyfriend to help kill her mother.

Gypsy stayed in the other room while Nicholas stabbed her mother to death. Then they stole $4,400 from the family safe and took the bus back to Wisconsin. He even sent the knife back to himself in Wisconsin so he wouldn’t get caught.

They are both now behind bars as trials continue.



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