They Spot A Strange Man Carrying the Neighbor’s Child Away in A Bag. The Mistake — They Call Police

It’s not uncommon for a man to grow a beard.

But it is uncommon for a man to be accused of kidnapping his own son because he decides to grow a beard.


According to Unilad, Torkel Kristoffers was so unrecognizable to the people he sees everyday because of his newly grown beard, that when they saw him taking his two-year-old son, Axel, to a playdate in the middle of the day, they called the cops to report a kidnapping.

In the neighbors’ defense, yes, he was transporting his son in a canvas grocery bag. And yes, Torkel is normally at work during the day.


However, Torkel’s son, Axel, requested that his dad carry him in the bag, and Torkel had some free time during the day in which he could take him to his playdate.

According to his personal Facebook page, he was drinking a cup of coffee when two police cars showed up out of nowhere.


The Facebook post loosely translates to say:

“When two police cars run into my coffee break at a neighbor’s house you now that it’s time to shave the beard.”

After the extreme misunderstanding was sorted out, Swedish police did make a statement that said it is not against the law to carry a child around in a canvas bag.

Good to know.


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