They Stop A Beautiful Woman In The Street. But Her Answer To A Simple Question Will SHOCK You!

Right now, off the top of your head, could you name one beautiful thing about yourself?

Could you name the one thing about your appearance that you absolutely love? That you’re so glad you were born with?

Maybe you can. Or maybe you’re one of the many women who draws a blank when it comes to seeing their outer beauty.

When it comes to body acceptance and self-esteem, women encounter a unique set of obstacles. We’re bombarded with so many images that only define beauty in one way instead of seeing it as the multifaceted, complex trait that it is.

Just see how these diverse women define beauty or how these women redefine it with their curves.

Dove asked women on the street to name their least favorite body part. The women answered in two seconds. Without skipping a beat, they knew, or rather thought they knew, what was “wrong” with them.

For some it was their arms or legs, their skin or hair, but everyone had an answer. Everyone carried this enormous weight with them.

When asked what they liked about themselves…well, that was a different story.

See how the women react in the video below.


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