They Struggle To Smile On Their Wedding Day. I Was In Tears To Learn Why

Craig and Jemma Edwards have a beautiful family together, and though they consider themselves devoted partners, they had chosen not to get married for personal reasons. Their oldest child, Corey, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect when he was only seven months old, and spent most of his life in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

At five years old, he was facing his very young death and had one final request: he wanted to see his parents get married. Craig and Jemma worked as quickly as possible to prepare for the ceremony and were ultimately wed beside Corey’s bed in the children’s hospital. Just five days after his parents married at his bedside, Corey passed away.

It’s beautiful to see how wholeheartedly Craig and Jemma wanted to give their little boy his final wish. Weddings are regarded as days of joyous and blissful celebration that are supposed to focus on the happy couple tying the knot, but Craig and Jemma selflessly made their wedding all about their son. Any parent could imagine that being wed in a hospital room with your dying child would be heart-wrenching at the very least: the celebration of a new married life will forever be marked by the tragedy of loss.

While I can’t even begin to understand how difficult this must have been for Craig and Jemma, it’s incredible to know that they would do anything to make their son happy. Instead of being a celebration centered around Craig and Jemma, the wedding was a beautiful celebration of their family and the love they all shared. Corey was able to leave this world having seen his family exactly as he always wanted them to be.

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