They Tell Her They’re Having Another Baby… The Reason She’s Crying Has Me In Stitches!

For any parent, having a baby is usually a very exciting time, whether it’s the first, second, or third time. And many times firstborns are just as delighted to have a younger sibling on the way.

A perfect example is the two sisters who jumped for joywhen their mom said a little tyke was on its way. Their reactions were truly priceless.

Some older siblings also cherish every moment with the baby once he or she is born. I mean, who could forget the girl who was brought to tears when her little brother started walking for the first time?

But other times firstborn children don’t take the news very well. It’s usually because they are jealous at the thought of another kid coming into the house.

The little girl in the video below, Ella, is one older sibling who isn’t thrilled when her parents tell her she’s going to be an older sister. But, it’s not because she doesn’t want another baby sibling. Just wait till you find out why — I couldn’t stop laughing, but I could also sympathize with her tears.

Her father is heard in the background trying to comfort her, but nothing seems to change little Ella’s mind.

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