They Thought They Could Scare This School Bus Driver Away With A Gun. She Runs to Her Car And…

Alice Bradley, a school bus driver from North Carolina, doesn’t think she’s a hero— but the parents at South Macon Elementary School would probably disagree.

As the Daily Mail reports, Bradley arrived early at school on Thursday morning to warm up the school bus she drives and get ready to start her work day.

When she pulled in to the parking lot and started up the bus, she noticed a man and a woman in the parking lot. Bradley told WLOS News that one of the couple pointed a gun at her, so she ran for her car.

The couple then continued to the bus where, according to the Citizen Times, they had hidden another handgun. In the meantime, Bradley, who had reached her car, drove right at the couple, causing them to flee.

Bradley then alerted authorities to the situation. However, it wasn’t until local police apprehended the couple that they learned of the enormity of the crime that Bradley had helped stop.


When police caught up with Adam Conley and Kathryn Jeter, the couple was heavily armed and under the influence of an unidentified drug.

The pair admitted to the officers that they had planned to carry out a massacre at the school that day. Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland told the Citizen Times:

“One of the individuals made the statement that if it was God’s will to shoot children and teachers, and if the other suspect wanted the suspect to do so, they would have proceeded to start shooting children and teachers.”

Bradley didn’t know the terrible deed the couple was planning when she disrupted their plot, but she knew where her duty was.

“I thought of the kids,” she told WLOS. “I was real nervous. I always thought I’ve been a tough woman but this really scared me. It did.”

Holland credits Bradley’s courage and quick-thinking with averting a potential tragedy. Bradley, however, isn’t ready to be called a hero.

“Everybody says I’m a hero,” said Bradley. “I’m not a hero. I just reacted like anybody else would.”


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