They Wash Bacon Under Cold Water, But Wait Til You See Why. I’m Trying This Tomorrow!

In this video, TheRichest gives us 10 brilliant tips and tricks that will change your everyday life.

Did you know that you can make the most perfect bacon every time by doing one simple thing? Or that you can boost your home’s Wi-Fi by using something we all keep in our fridge? I am always surprised at how easy it is to correct life’s little nuisances with such brilliantly simple ideas.

As someone who consistently ruins my family’s bacon every Sunday morning, I am really excited to try this out!

Some of the other things you will learn in this video are:

  • How to easily remove pet hair from carpet and rugs
  • How to quickly peel a hard boiled egg
  • How to keep static cling out of your laundry
  • How to keep your bananas from browning
  • …And more!


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