They’re Just Tiny 8-Year-Olds. When The Beat Drops, My Mouth Fell Open

It’s not everyday that you see a performance as fun and mesmerizing as this one. When I first started watching, I almost entirely forgot that these dancers were only eight years old when this dance was recorded. Their moves are so impressive and in sync with each other that they come off as well seasoned professionals who have been doing this for many years. The fact that they’re so young and so talented only adds to my amazement. I definitely could not dance as good as them when I was eight years old.

This gifted dancing team is known as Dance Precisions and they are gaining increasing popularity for numbers as entertaining as the one below. Their performance to the hit song “Scream & Shout” during the Kids Artistic Revue National Dance Competition landed them first place, and garnered large amounts of attention on social media.

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