This Compilation Of Hilarious Fails Proves That Someone Is Always Having A Worse Day Than You Are


There’s just something funny about watching people fail!

Someone created this genius compilation of Internet fails, and we seriously can’t get enough!

First we were cracking up over the fail the guy on the boat made when he tried to throw his water skiing buddy a beer, and just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, he ran directly into a pole!

Then, we could barely contain ourselves when some Casanova tried to be romantic and lift his lady friend in the air mid-kiss, only to drop her on her head.
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What’s funnier than watching a kid try to jump off a box on a pogo stick and go flying backwards, landing on his butt? Probably that kid that is trying to get to the last sip of soda and drops the entire cup of ice on his face!

These fails are too funny!


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