This Cyst Was On This Guy’s Eyelid, And After A Slice, A Cheesy Looking Substance Leaked Everywhere

Cysts require a bit more of a professional touch to deal with than pimples do, and often times they can be vastly more painful than the puberty induced bumps of oil. Just like pimples they’ll continue to grow if you leave them alone, but pimples can often be easily popped right at the comfort of your own home whereas a cyst needs to be surgically removed. If there’s ever one spot on your body you never want to get one of these things it would have to be right where something creases: your hand; your elbow, in the worst case scenario you could even get one right on your eye.

That’s exactly what happened to one middle-aged gentleman, before he knew it there was a massive cyst building up right by his eyebrow, an area that moves about as often as you make facial expressions. Fortunately he was able to make an appointment with Dr. Gilmore to get the thing sliced open and taken out, but the moment they cut into it a flow of head cheese starts pouring out.

This guy made the right call visiting someone before it got any larger, all too often we end up seeing these mega softball sized things but this one wasn’t too bad. Even still I can only imagine he relief that old guy’s gotta be feeling after finally getting that snipped out.


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