This Dad Asked Exotic Car Owners If They Could Help His Disabled Son. He Never Expected THIS Response

Jared’s son, Callum, has been obsessed with exotic cars for years. When he asked him what his favorite thing for Christmas would be, he said: “Well, Dad, I’d love a drive in a supercar but I know that can’t happen.”

A few days later Jared posted this request on an Australian exotic car website thinking, maybe, just maybe one person might respond.



My name is Jared and I’m the father of a little ten-year-old boy called Callum. Callum has had some challenges in his life you might say. He was born with a muscle disease which hasn’t yet been diagnosed but it’s similar to muscular dystrophy; very weak muscles, poor respiratory system (meaning many trips to hospital with pneumonia), and a lot of other issues.

Because Callum can’t engage in sporting activities- he gets around in a wheelchair- he’s learnt to get interested in other pursuits, and his obsession for years now has been exotic cars, in particular Europeans. Cal’s favorite thing in the world to do is to stand on a particular corner at Double Bay (very wealthy suburb of Sydney) and “car hunt”, which means spotting great cars, talking about them, talking about his “top five” favorites, a list that’s changing all the time, and just generally immersing himself in supercar trivia.

The reason I’m writing this is because when I asked Callum a while ago what would be his favorite thing for Christmas he said, “Well, Dad, I’d love a drive in a supercar but I know that can’t happen.”

I don’t know how this letter will be received, whether you’ll think I’ve got no right to ask someone whether they’d do something like that but I’m just a dad who wants to do the best for his young fella, a boy who’s had a rocky road in his ten years. If I had the $2000 I’d hire a car from one of the supercar hire places but I don’t, so I’m asking anyone who might want to help a little guy achieve his dream of having a ride in a supercar whether you could take Callum for a ten minute drive?

The attached photo is of Callum in front of a Bentley in Point Piper, a favorite car hunting spot.

I hope you can help but if you can’t Callum will still be looking out for your car and we might see you at a traffic light sometime. He’ll be the excited one.

Merry Christmas,


It took only 10 minutes for the responses to start pouring in from exotic car owners offering Jared and his son a ride in their rare, expensive cars. After a few days of responses, the community organized three events just for Callum.

These are some of the photos.









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