This Family’s Horse Is The Perfect Addition To Their Line-Dancing Routine

Chrissy is not your everyday “normal” kind of horse. While many other horses are busy pulling carts, riding into the sunset, or just enjoying their lives chomping on grass, Chrissy is busy training to be the very best line dancer in the world!

When Chrissy first began her line dancing career, many other line dancers thought the beautiful horse had an unfair competitive advantage. They thought that judges would give the horse extra points simply because she was a horse.

Though the other line dancers in Australia’s dancing circuit may not like her presence, the spectators of these events surely love to watch this wonderful horse in action! While she’s not the only line dancing horse in the world, she’s certainly one of the most well-decorated, receiving medal after medal at each dance competition she chooses to be a part of.

Along with her family, Chrissy travels around the country, winning the hearts and minds of grownups and children alike. We just love to see it when animals are happy, healthy, and well taken care of. With such a loving family around her we’re sure that Chrissy is living a wonderful life, making new friends every single day!

Make sure to watch her best dance move at the 1:18 mark!


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