This Guy Left His Car’s Lights On, And Came Back To Find The Nicest Possible Note.

An anonymous stranger saved Derek Murray’s day, and inspired the Internet with their kindness.

1062477210152405046982409655378905589090529n-L8IEEvery once in a while, a story comes along to reaffirm your faith in humanity. Then, almost immediately, another story destroys your faith in humanity again. But until that happens, enjoy that sweet, sweet faith. This is one of the good ones.

Derek Murray is a student from Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. Like so many of us have done, he parked his car during the day and forgot to turn his lights off. On any other day, he would have come back to find his car dead and would’ve had to wait around for someone to come and jump start it. But on this day, he had the good fortune to cross paths with one of the goodest of good samaritans. He got back to his car to find this note on it:


The cord and charger were where the note’s writer said they were. Murray successfully started his car and went about his day, but was so impressed by the gesture, he took this photo.

After Murray posted the image to his Facebook page, it went viral. It was even shared by Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson. The generous stranger was offered two tickets to a hockey game, and Murray himself has become something of a local celebrity, although as he points out himself:

“I don’t have to be humble because I didn’t do a damn thing.”

That’s not exactly true. He did do something: he had the good sense to live in Canada. It’s basically the Land of Kindness.

Sources: Metro | Facebook

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