This Is The Cyst That Keeps On Giving, And As Goo Spews Out, People Lose It.

If you had an uncomfortable nodule poking out somewhere on your body, how long would it take for you to want to go get it removed? A week?A month perhaps; maybe you’re just waiting for a benefits package to kick in? Whatever you do, don’t wait thirty freaking years like this guy did! Not only is the nodule on his right shoulder blade large enough to make sleeping or sitting feel weird, there’s no way even a shirt could hide it! Because of the size of the cyst it ended up needing to be professionally “popped” and squeezed by someone who sounds an awful lot like a fat man in Austin Powers…

The real humor comes from the commentary, but I can’t believe how someone could allow something that disgusting just sit and fester for so long… People, nothing is worth risking your health over sans protecting loved ones, but I’m fairly certain you’re not going to protect anyone with a grapefruit on your back.


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