This Is What The Length Of Your Thumb Reveals About Your Love Life

#1 Love & Thumb:

Who knew that your most important finger was just as important in relation to your LOVE LIFE!? 1

2 Thumbs First Half Is Longer Than The Top:

You are immediately faithful and committed once you’ve found that perfect person. Passion leads you to being extremely caring and available for your partner. You can become a bit obsessive with where and what your lover is doing at every moment, which could scare them away. But if you learn how to balance out your passion, you might end up with the PERFECT relationship.


3 First And Second Half Of Thumb Are Equal:

You remain level headed and calm no matter the situation you’re in. You thrive on achieving your set goals, and love to plan your future. Your an objective person and would never let your strong emotions get in the way of a smart decision. But being too levelheaded does not progress your relationship, and often leads your partner wondering if you are in love with them.


4 Top Half of thumb is Longer Than First Half

Your observations kills make you extremely reliable and trustworthy to those around you. But observing leads you to go extremely slow within a relationship, and often restrain your feelings. But learn to let go a little and show that you truly care about the person!



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