This Is What Your Lungs Look Like After Smoking 20 Cigarettes

While it may no longer captures headlines as it once did not even a scant five years ago, smoking still remains a very controversial habit. For some, the smoking of rolled up tobacco is classy, elegant and able to provide a sense of relief and relaxation, especially if you’re on the job and want to take five. On the other hand, it causes cancer, horribly stained teeth and a plethora of other problems that I won’t insult your intelligence by going over.1

Of course, we’ve had the whole ‘lungs fill with tar when you smoke’ bit drilled into our head a million and one times by school and PSAs, but have you wondered what that actually looks like? Well, you’re about to get that answer, whether you’ve eaten or not.

channel Veuer decided to show subscribers what happens to your lungs after you’ve smoked just twenty cigarettes. The results are nothing short of ghastly and, fair warning, this is not a video for the squeamish, and certainly not if you’ve consumed a hefty meal very recently:

Yikes. Not a pretty sight in the least, now is it? Hope you had a bucket within reach.

And that was for just 20 cigarettes. For your average smoker, that’s maybe only a few days worth of smokes. Imagine what happens to your lungs after weeks, months, years of doing this. think how much more putrid and rancid it must be. Sure, you may get a temporary sense of relief or joy from it, but that’s how any type of drug works: you feel good, so you want more, and damned be the side effects of the product.


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