This Japanese Guy Is Killing It With These Insane Ping Pong Skill

At Viral Thread it’s pretty safe to say we have a ping pong addiction. With a full-size table taking up valuable office space, we have some employees who fancy themselves as future Olympians. Every day you see drop shots, slices and brute force at the table, but I have to admit there is a serious dearth of trick shots. The hallmark of the über-talented trick shots separate the wheat from the chaff.

Thankfully there is one man in Japan who is indulging us mere mortals in some unreal ping pong tekkers. YouTuber Takkyuu Geinin has managed to combine these difficult to master shots with a great deal of slapstick humour – without coming off too cheesy. No mean feat if you’ve ever plumbed the depths of YouTube in recent times. Here is just a fleeting example of what he can do, just to warm you guys up for the main event.

From taking the piss out of his girlfriend, to absolutely killing the “no bounce serve,” Takkyuu Geinin is definitely not shy when it comes to showing off in front of the camera.

Table tennis might seem like a trivial sport to some, but it takes an inordinate amount of skill. The speed and reflexes involved in the game far supersede some other more mainstream sports. As a keen footballer, I have to admit that sometimes I derive more joy from a stinging topspin return than I do from scoring a powerful header – so much higher is the technique involved in the former. Throw in a dose of wit, and you’ve got yourself a ping pong compilation video that has more than 150,000 views on YouTube.

As someone who loves a bit of slapstick (and knows how to dish out a spicy serve) this video is right up my street. Personally, I had a lot of time for the ending, where he proposes to his girlfriend. Every cinematic expedition should have a romance running through the heart of it, and Takkyuu Geinin certainly managed that. Cannes Film Festival anyone?

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