This Poor Guy Goes Through Hell As Stuff Gushes From This Gigantic, Softball Sized Abscess On His Face

If you have any love for yourself at all in this world then you really need to take better care of your body if you don’t want to end up in some medically educational video like the one you’re about to see below. This guy went in with a whopping softball sized abscess right on the lower right hand side of his jaw that desperately needed to be popped and drained, so medical professionals got to it. The big deal is that the size of this abscess is absolutely beyond what anyone would suggest letting it get to before seeking medical treatment, so they filmed the whole experience to share with future generations of medical students around the globe, and finally us folks at home.

There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind how uncomfortable that guy must have felt each time he simply turned his head, so I’m happy he went in to get it taken care of finally but man… does that thing gush! First they decided to numb the area so they could perform their task without bothering the patient too much, and after that they pull out the scalpel. The moment the specialized blade slices through the skin a torrent of disgusting goop pours out, and as they squeeze the remainder the lump turns into something akin to silly putty on the poor guy’s face.

I’m not sure which part of this is the most unnerving, the lump, the pop or the gauze stuffing at the end. Either way that’s definitely not something anyone should ever look forward to in life…


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