This Rainbow Piñata Cake Will Be The Life Of Your Fiesta!

Whether it’s that crazy uncle creating a ruckus, the colorful decor adorning the space, or thedelicious food keeping you full and happy, there are plenty of features that turn a party into the ultimate fiesta! But just when you thought your fiesta was complete, we’re sharing with you a delicious feature that you won’t be able to pass up!

Rosie The Cake-Diva is inviting us into her humble abode to show us how to make her famous Rainbow Piñata Cake! In just a few intricate, yet simple, steps she creates a cake that’ll leave all of your party guests cheering, dale, dale, dale! Not only is her fun creation absolutely stunning, it’s beauty is more than ‘skin deep’!

Inside her Rainbow Piñata Cake is – you guessed it- sweet treats! When she cuts into her cake, out pours Skittles! If this isn’t the coolest cake you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is!

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