This Student Decided to Stop Shaving & The Resulting Pics Are Let’s Just Say… a Little Fuzzy


A female student at Liverpool University recently started a blog to celebrate her beauty regimen or, some might say, lack thereof.

Yasmin Gasimova recently grabbed public attention after posting pics of her unshaved body in an article for the Liverpool Tab titled, “I Don’t Shave And I’m Not About To Start.”

Gasimova reports that if she does shave, it’s rare and for specific reasons:

If I do shave, which is very, very rare, it’s for absolute necessity. If I’m going on a beach holiday, having swimming lessons… I’ll shave. I still unfortunately prefer the inconvenience of shaving to the inevitable dirty looks and rejection.

The student mostly abstains from using the razor, and is proud of her ‘European’ look (Gasimova is of Turkish origin).

Gasimova shows off some leg hair as she kicks back & relaxes.



She features a tuft-of-hair under her arm.


This is what it looks like if you don’t wax, or Nair, that chin hair.

eThe Liverpool student claims she has no plans to start incorporating shaving into her daily beauty regimen.


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