Tow Truck Driver Is Murdered On Camera By An Angry Owner

When you buy a car and things wind up to where you can no longer afford to make the payments your car’s going to get towed. It’s stipulated in all the contracts you have to sign upon taking the vehicle on a loan and those contracts are fairly binding, so the fact that people will still get angry over it is pretty mind-boggling. People shouldn’t be angry with the tow truck driver simply for doing their job, even if it is under shady circumstances the fault lies with someone else. Then again if you’re illegally parked somewhere then you’re also running the risk of losing your car momentarily, so that ones just on you.

David Herr was out performing his duties one day when he got a call to pick up a Jaguar that had been parked illegally when the owner of said Jaguar came out in a huff. Triston Johnson decided to pull out a gun to threaten Herr, eventually shooting him in the back of the head before taking off. Luckily he’s been caught, though only because he fired on an officer.

A man lost his life and a whole world vanished, all because someone didn’t want to follow the rules. It would have been a fine, but at least a human being would still be alive had he chosen that route instead.


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