Viral Video Of Brampton Crash Suggests Driver Wrongly Charged

Whenever you go out it’s becoming more of a good idea to record the time spent out than not, all due to the simple fact that without doing so you could see yourself on the wrong end of the law for absolutely no reason.

If that doesn’t make sense to you then you may need to try living in someone else’s shoes for a minute to get a clearer picture. Beyond just the color of our skins or where we’re from there’s a lot of social issues causing a massive divide between the police and the people, and that divide is killing us.

It’s because of that unfortunate divide that the Peel Police in the suburban city of Brampton (just South of Ontario), are under a bit of scrutiny. According to the police reports of a minor traffic incident involving a woman in one car and a family in the other, as the woman went to make a left turn the family had ran a light and then ran into her. That’s not what happened in the slightest…

This dash cam footage cam from the families car, the family that states the police never even gave them the opportunity to show them the footage in the first place. It was actually suggested that they bring the ticket and evidence to court with them to support their claims and hopefully get it thrown out!

It’s reasons like this that the divide continues to grow larger as each day passes, and hopefully this poor family can find the justice they truly deserve after all this. You can even hear in the video people telling the woman that it wasn’t her fault… Well, it was.

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