When The Trash Talking Was Over, Fists Started Flying And One Guy Was Knocked Senseless

The confrontation becomes so heated that the man dressed in a shirt and the young man that was opposing start trading blows, a move he would soon come to repent. It turns out that just because you are mad does not necessarily mean you’ll have the ability to push through the fight with a win. If you are big enough to trash talk some random people you come across out in public you are more than big enough to take the consequences that follow — whether they go away or not. According to reports that the men from the movie were involved in some kind of injury while he was crossing the street, as on the African American guy was hit by the guys in a car. Obviously perturbed at nearly being run over the man ran over to confront the other men, but when he does he comes to discover that the 2 men do not find out how they did anything wrong and thus… the debate escalates.

According to the man who recorded the video:

“Once I stopped filming nobody was doing anything to help dude off the ground so that I literally picked this dude up like he was a rag doll and hauled him over to one the concrete potters that sit out front of QT’s. He eventually caught his breath and moved on.” Things probably would have turned out. The only reason why I could see that is a fair excuse to fight is if these 2 guys really weren’t paying some attention to people crossing the street; if that’s the case then they could seriously injure or kill somebody if nobody points it out to them.


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