When These Inmates Break Out Of Their Cell, They Do The Last Thing You Would Ever Expect

Eight inmates locked up in the basement of the Weatherford District Courts Building have recently broken out of their cell, still shackled to each other, all to save the life of a guard who just had a heart attack.

The crew of prisoners were reportedly sitting in a holding cell and had a single guard watching over them when they noticed him slump over in his chair. Knowing that if any of the armed guards happened to come down how much more trouble they could be in, they disregarded their captivity all to save that one officer’s life!

Originally the crew of eight tried to signal the other guards without leaving their cell, but when that didn’t prove to be effective they knew what they had to do. Eventually the other guards wizened up to the noise coming from below, but believed the guys had simply started a brawl. The prisoners were herded back to the cell and the cop was still unconscious, except now he had no pulse. The paramedics arrived shortly after and were luckily successful in reviving him, ultimately saving the cop’s life.


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