When You See What This Cheesecake Looks Like In The End, You’ll Never Go Back To One Boring Flavor!

I’ve generally stayed away from baking cheesecakes simply because I don’t own a springform pan, and for some reason the whole process just sounds like way to much time and energy. But with my undying love of cheesecake, I constantly wish there was an easier way to get my fix of this decadent dessert (without hitting up the Cheesecake Factory, of course)!

Drumroll please…there is and this video proves it! I had NO idea you could make cheesecake in your crockpot, but apparently you can and I cannot wait to try it!

This specific recipe is for a marbled version, which is mind-blowing enough even before the fact that it’s created in the crockpot! By layering a chocolate batter with a vanilla batter and simply running a knife through it, she creates aBEAUTIFUL marbled texture that results in a cheesecake you’ll want to show off!


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