Woman Bites Cop During Arrest, Test Of Her Saliva Reveals Disturbing Truth


A police officer was exposed to HIV after being bitten by a female suspect. The incident happened in Memphis, Tennessee when Smith pulled over a woman, Dayton Smith, for driving with an expired license plate and a suspended driver’s license. Smith had no proof of insurance either and was arrested. During a search of her car the police found marijuana, cocaine, and crack.


Smith complained she had to use the restroom and tried to escape. One officer tackled her to the ground, and she bit him on the arm and drew blood. All parties were taken to the hospital where Smith then told doctors she had AIDS. The officer was later released, but his condition was not released.

Take a look at this video

Smith is now in jail on $50,000 bond and is waiting for her court date. Some of the charges against Smith are resisting arrest, criminal exposure to HIV, and aggravated assault. Share away, people.


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