Woman Leaves Epic Letter For Her Husband On Her Way Out Of Town

Before embarking on a girls’ weekend with her closest friends, a mom named Meghan needed her husband to know a few things about what the next days would be like. Meghan’s husband would be staying home in Alsip, Illinois with their six children while she went away, and she didn’t want to leave him unprepared.

The letter has gone viral for one simple reason: Meghan was preparing her husband for the most trying few days of his life.

When Meghan Maza Oeser decided to take a weekend trip with some girlfriends, she wanted to make sure her husband would be okay in her absence.


Meghan’s husband Kevin would be taking care of the couple’s six daughters, and for two whole days, he would be vastly outnumbered.


Caring for six children is hard enough with both parents there, but when you’re on your own, it can be nearly impossible.


The mother-of-six knew she would have to prepare her husband, so she wrote a note telling him exactly what was to come.


“Dearest Husband,” the note began innocently. “I’m writing this to you out of love, not fear…”


In this lengthy post, Meghan explained to her husband what to expect from their six daughters while she was away…

6 With that, Meghan left for her weekend of freedom. After all, Kevin had everything under control back at home… right?


So far, Meghan’s husband hasn’t penned an official response to the weekend of hell, but we can only hope he does. This couple seems to have the perfect sense of humor for dealing with their hectic lives!

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