Woman Livestreams Her Boyfriend’s DEATH On Facebook Seconds After He Is Shot By Cop…She Asks…

PHILANDO CASTILE : One of the most disturbing videos ever shot. Livestream on facebook, it is by Lavish Reynolds, Philando’s girlfriend and mother of his daughter, who is sitting in the back. She caught this unimaginable moment when her boyfriend is dying after being shot. It happens seconds after they are told by police to pull over because of a busted tail light, and, when Castile is asked to show his license, as he puts his hand in his pocket to get it, the police officer shoots him four times.


IN COLD BLOOD : She explains it all while it is happening. Their four-year-old is there too. She turns the camera and shows her bleeding boyfriend losing conciousness, and you can see the officer pointing the gun into the car.


DYING ON FACEBOOK : Viewers were watching as it was happening. The officer, who had just shot Castille, grows increasingly hysterical.Lavish Reynolds exclaims: “Oh my God, don’t tell me he’s dead, please don’t tell me my boyfriend just went like that…Please, officer, don’t tell me he’s gone; please don’t tell me that you did this to him. You shot four bullets into him, sir,” she yells.


LORD! : Lavish Reynolds says to her Facebook viewers that Castile was licensed to carry a weapon and told the officer he had a firearm as he reached for his wallet and ID. ‘The officer just shot him in his arm,’ Reynolds says to the camera. ‘Ma’am, keep your hands where they are,’ the cop says, sounding panicked. He then appears to shout ‘F***!’ The cop tells her to keep her hands ‘where they are, please’. She chants: ‘Please don’t tell me this Lord, please Jesus don’t tell me that he’s gone.’
‘Please officer don’t tell me that you just did this to him. You shot four bullets into him, sir,’ she says, her voice cracking with emotion. ‘He was just getting his licence and registration, sir.’


HANDCUFFED : Lavish was then removed from the car, told to kneel down and her phone was taken from her while she was being handcuffed. She asks for her daughter. She was then placed in the police cruiser with her child, who had witnesses the shooting, and the little girl is heard sayingr: “It’s O.K. Mommy. I’m right here with you.” Lavish breaks down as she apparently sees Castille’s lifeless body. No ambulances had yet arrived on the scene. “Please, Jesus, no!” she cried. “Don’t let him be gone, Lord.”


PROTESTERS : Crowds of protesters turned up outside Governor Mark Dayton’s residence in Saint Paul demanding for him to ‘wake up’ and speak to them. They shouted ‘no Justice, no Peace’ while repeating Philando Castile’s name over and over in a moving show of unity. A man outside the governor’s house said on Twitter: ‘We’re protesting at the governors mansion. The police sent two delegates to make peace. They brought their guns.’
Crowds also gathered outside the hospital where Castile died. In the shocking video, Castile is at first still conscious and intermittently swearing, while his head rolls around. The officer keeps his gun trained on the man.


POLICE STATEMENT : In a statement, St Anthony Police Department said: ‘On 07-06-2016 at approximately 2100 hours, a St. Anthony Police Officer effected a traffic stop on Larpenteur and Fry in the City of Falcon Heights, Minnesota. ‘During the stop, shots were fired. One adult male was taken to the hospital. We have been informed that this individual is deceased.‘No one else was injured and the BCA has been called in to investigate this officer involved shooting. A handgun was recovered from the scene.’ The Facebook video had received more than 1.5million views in the four hours after it went live – and it obviously attracted a stream of horrified and angry comments.





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