Woman Stabs Husbands Penis 13 Times After Mistaking It For A Snake


A Tennessee man is recovering in the hospital after his wife allegedly stabbed him in the genitals 13 times after mistaking his manhood for a snake in the bed. The victim, 38-year-old Michael Rogers, called 911 pleading for his life after he says his wife assaulted him with a pocket knife. But according to his wife, Nicole Rogers, 42, it was all a big misunderstanding.

“Ya see here, we got critters all through these parts,” said Nicole Rogers in her recorded confession. “So when I felt this wiggly wiggly all about my leg, I gots scared and grabbed that there pocket knife. I did’t know… I swear to dear Jesus I didn’t know.” Rogers goes on to tell her story of innocence, but her husband tells a much different story of the events.

“That b*tch is crazy and I’m pressing charges,” said Michael Rogers. “That there heffer cussed me out when I got home accusing me of sleeping with Ms. Suzie down the tracks. I told her to shut the f*ck up and I went to bed. The next thing you know she stabbin’ my junk like she was tenderizin’ a steak.”
Michael Rogers was taken to a nearby hospital where, sadly, his penis had to be removed. Nicole Rogers was arrested and taken to the county jail where she is being booked on several serious charges. Rogers is being held with no bail.


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