Woman Who Claimed To Be Pregnant By Goat, Actually Gives Birth To Human/Goat Baby


An Alabama woman who claimed to be the first ever to be impregnated by a goat, actually gave birth to a half human, half goat hybrid baby. The report, that was published back in March, claimed that 22-year-old Janice Gilbert had been impregnated by her father’s goat named ‘Nibbles.’ She began explaining how her fiancé, now husband, was unable to have children, and the heartache it has caused them. She continues to insist that Nibbles was her only hope of having a family and a future.

 The baby boy named Nibbles Jr., that was born on May 30, was confirmed to be a half human/half goat hybrid baby. Scientists are scratching their heads trying to figure out how this was even possible. “I told ya’ll that me and Nibbles been real close since I was four,” said Gilbert. “But no one believed us. All we needed was Nibbles semen and a turkey baster. And just so ya’ll know, I ain’t had no sex with a goat. We just use the turkey baster that’s all. Now I have a beautiful baby boy and that’s all I care about.”


The baby is currently being held in the NICU undergoing testing. Child protective services has stepped in and they are now trying to decide whether they are going to hand over the hybrid child to the parents or put the baby in the hands of scientists to find out how this actually happened. Gilbert and her husband say they will fight for their baby boy. “I ain’t gone through all this just to lose my baby. There is nothing illegal about my child being different. And we gonna fight for Nibbles Jr.”

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