Woman’s 911 Call After Being Abducted By Alleged Murderer Is Seriously Tense

It may always look exciting in the movies, but kidnapping is no game in real life. Snatched against your will, perhaps with the use of some illegal substance, and then taken to some secret location where you may be tied up and kept in the dark, at the cruel mercy of your captor. Your family may be asked for a ransom, but you may also be subjected to slavery or, worse, being the victim of a serial killer.


It’s a dark and horrifying thought, but sadly, one that happens all around the world, and in places one would never expect. Seemingly quiet streets and homes can often become the sites for such terrible crimes, and anyone their victims.

Near Cleveland, Ohio, Ashland police received a distressing phone call from a young woman, who claimed to have been abducted. She had apparently freed herself from bondage, and made a desperate phone call while trying to keep herself out of her sleeping captor’s earshot. Listen to the harrowing call below:

Within 20 minutes, police responded and arrested 40 year old Shawn Grate (who is suspected of a similar crime from 2007), who was seemingly squatting at the abandoned residence. In addition, they uncovered the remains of two other women, who were also found in and near the house. One has been identified as Stacey Stanley, from Greenwich, the other as Elizabeth Griffith, 29, of Ashland, who has been missing for about a month. A third has been found in the woods nearby, identified as Candice Cunningham.

Frankly, one has to applaud the young woman’s bravery and determination in trying to help catch this individual. The tension in that room must have been thick enough to cut with a knife, and the stakes could not be higher. In spite of that, she stepped up, risked her life, and helped bring down a psychopath.
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