Women Claims She Was Kicked From Theater for Breastfeeding But Theres a Catch

A representative from AMC is contesting a woman’s claim that she was kicked out of the Spokane movie theater for breastfeeding her two-month-old baby.

A photo of Trish Emerson breastfeeding began circulating around Facebook on Monday night. Her husband posted the follow on Facebook:

“The whole family kicked out of the theater because my wife was breastfeeding….last time I ever go to an AMC Theater.”

The post was followed up with a photo of Trish taken at the AMC theater in River Park Square.:

“Here’s the evidence….. Apparently AMC I Spokane believes breastfeeding is worth interrupting the new Star Wars movie to kick us out. Never do business with them and share!”

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To get the story its proper attention the wife and husband needed Facebook to unite and have their backs. For awhile it seemed like everything was working to plan:


They even got someone who runs a blog about situations like this. “She’s really good about politely raising hell”


Their friend Alison really wants a shitstorm to take place.


They got over 1,000 shares on the post but that wasn’t good enough… Her husband wasn’t having it. He wanted this to be the story told around the world and spark outrage from all the females on Facebook. So he called a news station to tell his story:


However, an AMC representative says Facebook post does not tell the whole story. Ryan Noonan with AMC issued a statement which maintained that mothers are free to breastfeed at their business.

“AMC welcomes breastfeeding mothers, and breastfeeding had no bearing on the manager’s decision to approach the guests,” said Noonan.

Instead, he cited the family’s disruptive behavior for their removal from the Spokane movie theater. Noonan said AMC staff received several complaints from other guests about Trish’s children being disruptive.

WAIT… It was several complaints… of noisy and disruptive kids… not breastfeeding?!

“A manager observed the noisy, disruptive behavior, approached the moviegoers and attempted to ask them to step outside the auditorium until the children could calm down,” wrote Noonan in his statement to KREM 2 News. “The manager was made aware of the breastfeeding only after attempting to ask the moviegoers to step outside to discuss the disruptive behavior. Instead of complying with the manager’s request that everyone in their party enjoy the movie without disrupting others, the family asked for, and received, a refund.”

They got their wish and the cameras showed up:



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